Fire Alarm Systems

For buildings and complex applications, our fire alarm and detection systems provide intelligent fire safety solutions. Find the fire detection solution tailored to meet all your requirements.

Fire detection

Safeguard both individuals and physical assets from fire and smoke hazards with our brands' scalable, future-proof, and specialized fire detectors and alarm systems. Our solutions are designed for easy installation and maintenance, ensuring ongoing protection with minimal hassle.

Fire & Smoke Detection camera

Detecting fires as early as possible is paramount, and AVIOTEC excels in this regard. As an IP camera with built-in intelligence, it employs a trained algorithm to detect fire and smoke directly at the source, ensuring faster detection compared to conventional ceiling-mounted point type detectors.

Voice alarm

Bosch's interfaced fire detection and voice evacuation solutions are customizable to businesses or institutions of any size, from retail shops to airports or universities. Designed for expandability, all devices and peripherals seamlessly integrate, ensuring comprehensive security. Smart Safety Link facilitates multi-stage evacuation, enhancing effectiveness in emergency scenarios.

Remote Monitoring of Fire Alarm Systems

Remote Services revolutionize fire alarm system management, allowing for seamless configuration and maintenance without the need for physical presence or extensive phone communication. Through remote access, technicians can efficiently monitor, troubleshoot, and update systems from anywhere, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. This innovative solution not only saves time and resources but also ensures that fire alarm systems remain up-to-date and fully functional, providing peace of mind for facility managers and occupants alike.