Access Control Systems

Smart access control solutions empower building owners, tenants, and visitors to effortlessly navigate their surroundings. Through our integrated technology, we craft a seamless experience that seamlessly blends accessibility with uncompromising security, ensuring a high level of convenience and peace of mind for all users.

Integrated access control solution

Access management involves granting authorized users entry while preventing unauthorized access. With Aliefs, you get seamless integration with video surveillance and intrusion alarm systems, alongside the capability to connect with third-party systems through our open API protocol.

Access Control Hardware

As a comprehensive provider of integrated access control solutions, meets diverse customer needs with a robust product portfolio encompassing access control panels, door controllers, readers (including touchless, biometric, and card options), and various access credentials such as key cards, fobs, and access cards.

Access Control Software

The highest quality brands we use access control software is designed for medium to large-scale applications, ensuring ease of use and seamless expansion. Offering unmatched stability and advanced features, it delivers top-tier reliability and security comparable to high-end security solutions.

Mobile Access Control Solutions

Mobile credentials and access control provide a streamlined access experience through our browser-based tools like Visitor Management, enabling remote issuance of access rights to employees, visitors, and service providers via their smartphones or mobile devices. This approach simplifies the process for both users and administrators, offering modern convenience and flexibility.

Biometric Access Control Solutions

We offer biometric technologies that leverage unique physical traits like fingerprints and facial features for precise identification, offering enhanced security and efficiency. Our access control system seamlessly integrates with various biometric readers and facial recognition software from third-party suppliers, accommodating diverse authentication needs while prioritizing contactless solutions.

Visitor Management

Efficient visitor management streamlines the reception process, allowing associates to focus on greeting visitors entering any enterprise or public building. This software not only enhances building security and protects facilities and employees but also enhances the overall experience for both users and visitors.